Kara Holm: Founder & CEO

Kara Holm founded TerraProForma in 2016, with Tom Curran. They were inspired by the increasing accessibility and popularity of augmented reality (AR), believing AR could be used to address common business issues.

Serving as the CEO of TerraProForma, Kara is responsible for driving the business forward. She leads the development of relationships with prospective clients, investors and strategic partners. Kara is very hands on with the development of the company’s first product, Play the Field™, providing insight into both client needs and end-users.

Kara’s 25-year career has included work in the public, private and non-profit sectors. She has held senior leadership positions in large organizations and worked as a consultant. Her skill set combines big picture thinking with practical applications; entrepreneurial hustle with an appreciation for structure. Kara’s career is unified by her focus on interpreting consumer insights and preferences in order to develop actionable business strategies. Since 2011 Kara has been immersed in the casino sector, where she has developed extensive networks.

Additionally, she writes an advisory blog on business issues, www.karaholm.com. She is also a contributor to Canadian Gaming Business Magazine.