Play the Field™ has been proven to engage customers. Our field tests showed exciting results.

  • 17% of offers were earned by net-new loyalty program members
  • 10% of offers were earned by inactive loyalty program members
  • 70% of  users who created accounts earned rewards

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Mobilize the legion of social, connected, experience-seeking consumers… who connect with and experience the world through their smartphones with our new game, Play the Field™.

Your customers are already playing games on their smart phones. Use augmented reality to create value in your business.

Did you know?

1. 67% of casino visitors play mobile games.
2. Frequent casino visitors play over 19 hours of mobile games a week.
3. Frequent mobile gamers spend nearly 3x more on drinks over a year.
* Source July 2018 online study by Ipsos on behalf of TerraProForma

So as marketers finalize their budgets for 2018, they should plan to spend more on augmented reality initiatives because it will have a business-driving impact on both their digital and CX strategies—two things that we know are top priorities for them. It just requires designing AR for utility rather than entertainment.

Mike Proulx, September 20, 2017, “Augmented Reality: The Hottest Thing Marketers Don’t Want” Media Agency Daily

54 percent of respondents play games with other people, including friends (40 percent) and family members (21 percent).

– 2016 Entertainment Software Association’s annual report

eGaming is social

I regard [Augmented Reality] as a big idea like the smartphone… it’s for everyone.


Apple CEO, Tim Cook, 2017

I view AR like I view the silicon here in my iPhone,

it’s not a product per se, it’s a core technology.

Apple CEO, Tim Cook, 2017

50 million Americans will be using augmented reality in the next year.

AR is mainstream