Play the Field™ is a leader: we gamify casino resort destinations – creating innovative entertainment experiences rooted in augmented realty that will engage a new kind of casino customer.

PTF is taking AR beyond novelty to deliver results.

Mobilize the legion of social, connected, experience-seeking consumers… who connect with and experience the world through their smartphones.

We are creating “for fun” only mobile games that employ augmented reality and leverage the established rewards culture at casinos to enhance the destination experience.

AR X = The Next 10 Years

Find, Collect & Win AR & CX

A Mobile Market Opportunity





Play the Field™ is being developed to address a significant business issue casino operators around the world face: how to attract and engage a new type of customer.

Many entertainment-seekers don’t know that casino operators and game manufacturers have been evolving the product and experience.

We create experiences for the eGamer community, to “gamify” your destination with our rewards-based AR game.

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0ca538_936b8c34555e498f90113d4a29d44a7fmv2.png9917772 Canada Ltd. was founded August 2016 in Nova Scotia by Kara Holm.

We are focused on developing technology-enabled solutions to address clearly defined business issues, rooted in entertaining consumer experiences. We bridge the gap between customer experience and actionable business intelligence by helping our clients engage with a highly desirable psychographic segment of the population.

Products in development include Play the Field. We build loyalty and engagement through augmented reality games and rewards.

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How can Play the Field™ help your business? See product benefits here.

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PTF in the News

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PTF™ is on the leading edge with our innovative use of emerging AR technology at the precise moment when it is becoming mainstream.

Play the Field’s demo is one of the first gaming experiences in the world developed using the new Apple AR Kit.

Although AR has been around in experimental form for several years, it has been treated as novelty. Since 2016 our vision has been to employ AR to deliver business results.

Our development team is  using a powerful combination of locative technologies to create truly immersive and engaging AR experiences for users that will drive results for businesses.


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